not blue enough

Forever 21 Tank; Forever 21 Linen Short; Dolce Vita Wedges; H&M Bag

I had a meeting for work that was located in Center City (Philadelphia). So, I didn’t have to travel 2 hours into work today, it was a great relaxing day (I’ve been a little sad lately).  Went to the meeting, stop and got a Mani-Pedi (and free neck massage).  Now I’m Working from home. Gotta love “Remote Access”.   I’m wearing these shoes again, they actually did not hurt my feet today, which is a good thing.  However I still have scars from the blisters they gave me the first time I wore them.  BTW: OPI is my Mani-Pedi Color, I love it, but it’s already messed up on one finger.


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