editors’ pick of the day

I was surprised today when I received an email from “Bloggers.com” letting me know that my blog was chosen, along with two others to be the editors pick of the day.  See Below:

Hello Aisha:Congratulation!You have been featured on BLOGGERS as one of the Bloggers of the day. Your profile and Blog “Anguillian Paperdoll” has been showcased in Bloggers Home page (http://bloggers.com). In addition to that you are awarded with Featured bloggers badge on your profile.

Thank you again for your brilliant work. Enjoy the latest features and tell your friends to join this wonderful community.


Thank you
The Bloggers Team

You know I honestly don’t know how you actually get to be featured on the homepage.  I don’t know if it’s based on how long you’ve been a member or just how awesome your blog truly is.  Hopefully it’s the latter.  Anyway, it’s exciting ; I’m excited, it’s only for a day, but it will be one cool day.  You guys should join the site.

{source: Blogers.com}


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