all that glitters + giveaway winner

The title pretty much speaks for itself. Nasty Gal has done is again. I wish I could live in there design office; I would Die. Maybe if I lived in Cali; I would have applied for the Design position I saw posted a while back. Oh well, that’s why they call them dreams, I’ll stick to Intimates for now. Anyway I’m starting to ramble, back to the point. I love this dress; VERY MUCH.  I also love how it is styled in this photo shoot; the star sparkles, the dress and a gorgeous model.

Now on to the winner of My first Giveaway (Birthday Giveaway).  It seems fitting to announce who won along with this post since the grand prize was a $75 Nasty Gal gift card. “Maybe I planned it this way” .

 The winner is/was Arden from Top Coat Blog– A Lovely blog it is.  Hopefully she has a fabulous time browsing the site shopping.  I always done.

There will be more giveaways just as awesome as this one, so don’t be sad.

Happy September; Hello Fall

{source: Nasty Gal}


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