Why did I start The Basic Skinny?

I started The Basic Skinny essentially as a creative outlet, an escape from my day to day activities.  This blog will express and attempt inspire its readers by delivering inspirational content regarding to fashion, illustration and shopping.

I will also showcase the life and style transformation from my daily denim & tee’s wear to skirts, blazer and ruffles.

I hope everyone enjoys reading Anguillian Paperdoll just as much as I enjoy writing it! A place to escape to full of whimsy and prettiness.

What do I do besides blogging?

I am a full time intimates designer.  I am constantly working on creating new, fun and  inexpensive ideas for the customer.  I commute to new york from Philly 4-5 times a week just to do what I love. I love illustrating, doing lots of D.I.Y projects & shopping (a habit that needs to slow down).  I am a very creative individual, sometimes to creative.

What did I study at the university?

I studied Fashion Design at Moore College of Art and Design. I took plenty of other classes to see what I wanted to minor in however, once I decided it was going to be Graphic Design it was too late.  I learned so many other things that help me in my daily duties at work from taking so many different classes such as; Printmaking, Oil Painting, Book Box & Portfolio, Advanced Photoshop, Web Design and the list goes on.

Where do I get most of my clothes?

My wardrobe is predominantly Urban Outfitters, H&M & Forever 21.  I also have a habit of window shopping online.  I love Nasty Gal, Need Supply Co, Sole Struck &  Pixie Market.  I try not to spend too much on clothing because I love Bags and shoes.  Every year for my “birthday” I purchase a bag for myself.  My favorite bag designer right now Marc Jacobs, I love his bags.  My accessories are from random places or D.I.Y’s


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