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Retro Chic Styling for Vogue Taiwan;  July 2012
Source: Fashion Gone Rogue


paper crown by lauren conrad

I absolutely LOVE the first collection for Lauren Conrad’s Paper Crown.  I am a fan of some of her pieces from her line at Kohls, but this just really brings it home for me.  I’m drawn to the romantic colors which are paired with the harshness of dark navy and black.  I went thru the entire look book and I would definitely wear just about ever look as individual pieces, or how there are presented through out the collection.  It’s suppose to hit store this month; once this gets out I am adding some of these pieces to my wardrobe.

Now the Holiday Collection really isn’t my favorite.  Out of 21 looks, I liked 6.  Don’t get me wrong the collection is chic and filled with romance which is what Paper Crown is all about, right?  However, for me I would probably wear about 3 of the above looks; 1. Nude Dress, 2. Black Velvet Dress & 3. The Nude Blouse and Denim Shorts.  I love the lace overlay skirt and the long tan skirt but for over all looks those are my top 3.

P.S. It doesn’t help that I think the website is very well designed.  I’m glad it is, because I am a snob when it comes to browsing websites.  if I find it hard to navigate,  the font is just to hard to read or there is too much going on, I will not give it a second thought and leave to never return.  The Paper Crown site is very clean and well put together.

{source: Paper Crown}